First Blog post EVER! 

Well...I never thought I would take the time to have a blog..I mean really... I'm an adult (most days anyways) isn't blogging for teenage girls to talk about makeup and boys?! I always thought so... 

So, Im going to give it a try! I've always just used Facebook and sometimes Instagram as a platform for reaching clients and potential clients but Facebook is kind of lacking to put it nicely these days! Posting an album or an image or two just doesn't quite reach the target audience it used to!

To be honest I'm not really sure anyone really wants to hear what I have to say but I figure if I keep the bla bla bla  to a minimum and just bombard you with stellar images we'll be all good!! Cool?! 

I truly love being a wedding photographer. It's such a perfect fit for me. I LOVE weddings..always have-starting my wedding career as a wedding coordinator; even going so far as to get certified! I just love the feeling that you get when two souls find the love that leads them to marriage. It's passionate as am I and I LOVE love! 

So..for now thats it..my first blog post ever! Late to the game? Maybe?? But who cares! I'll do me and you'll do you and life will be grand! :) 



"Life's a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death!"

• Christie & Bryan's Wedding • The Tribute • Texas Wedding Photographer

• Christie & Bryan's Wedding • The Tribute • Texas Wedding Photographer