Hi there! 

I'm Kelly...wedding photog extraordinaire!! ;)

Californian by birth, Texan at heart! 

Seriously... I love my job and I LOVE weddings!! Starting out as a wedding coordinator in my early 20's I found my niche. From the proposal to the vows I love everything about weddings! I formed Blackall Photography LLC in 2008. I'll tell you I always knew I'd be my own boss someday but I was never quite sure at what! 

At the risk of sounding cliche' my love for photography started out young. I still have my blue fisher price film camera by the way! Learning how to shoot & process film from my grandfather are memories I will never forget- I still have a few old prints from our outings together. Then helping out in high school on the yearbook/newspaper staff (Go Farmers!)  was where I formed a solid foundation for the art of telling a story with my photos... I always loved the smell of the developer-weird I know! Then off to college...they gave me my first digital and said...here learn this! So I did!

Based in the Historic District of Old Town Lewisville in the most perfect little historic farm house (sans farm) I live with The Cowboy and 3 of the coolest dogs ever! Yes, I think I'm slowly becoming the crazy dog lady but It could be worse right... can I get an amen crazy cat ladies?!! ;) We love hunting, archery and firearms. I am a competitive archer (when I don't have weddings) competing in tourneys all around N. Texas and I love it. Not only the shooting part which is awesome but the fellowship with a group of friends that are priceless. I adore them more then they know! Mostly I am a homebody that loves to cook full meals every night and snuggle up on the sofa with The Cowboy and my dogs! 

Publications include: People Magizine, D Magizine, The Knot Magizine, Nordstrom Weddings, TLC Network (one of my weddings was aired-yay!)

Member of: WPPI, PPA, TPPA

Armed with my Nikons and a variety of bad ass lenses I ensure your wedding will be photographed and documented as it should be...with love, laughter and lil bit of Texas sas!! 

Two of my favorite quotes are: "Life's a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death!" & "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyways!"


Photo of Kelly & her husband by Sarah Avitua Photography! A great newborn photographer by the way!!